About Me

About me, little can be said. My name is Wendy, and I love art. Practically every form; literature, music, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, etc. My very favorite things are Opera, Greek drama, Shakespearean tragedies, epic films, history and J.R.R. Tolkien. But don’t go thinking I’m some sort of highbrow. I have many guilty pleasures as well, like sitcoms, classic rock, superhero movies, Star Trek, and Coca-Cola. Gosh, do I like Coca-Cola. I think I’m going to go grab one…


It’s generally safe to guess I am thinking about any one of these things at any given time

I’m not very old, so I haven’t got a lot of experience. I haven’t been to college, so I haven’t got a fancy diploma. But I do love culture, and I know how to find lots of it on the internet, so I am happy to share it with anyone who will listen! I hope you enjoy and learn something new with every post. To quote Jeeves, “I endeavor to give satisfaction.”