Overture to Mind Vitamins

It would really be smashing if I were capable of composing a lovely piece of music to introduce you to all the themes and tunes of my little blog. Alas, I cannot, and must resort to a verbal rather than a musical overture.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to a cool musical overture while reading a less cool verbal overture…

There you go, with Donizetti’s fabulous music in your ears, perhaps my introduction will seem less boring. Rather like  listening to the James Bond theme while folding a rather large basket of socks.

Anyway, welcome to Mind Vitamins! I am very excited to share all the tidbits of culture that I collect on this marvelous tool called the internet. Book recommendations, musical suggestions, literary and film discussions, art dissections, and more, all packed into small, easily consumed mental supplements for the Reader forced to live on the nutritionally lax mental diet of modern culture.

So, do read on. There will be plenty of topics on the classiest of subjects. All of them specially designed to boost your mental sophistication. So follow me and become that weird, nerdy friend who everyone laughs at a little but who everyone turns to when they want to know what that piece of classical music from Sherlock was or are wondering who the heck Captain Ahab is and why do they keep talking about him in Star Trek: First Contact. You have no idea of the power you hold being that friend… I mean, eh, it’s always nice to help people. Yes, indeed.

So toodle-pip for now, and enjoy the centuries, nay, millennia of cultural goodies that I will present to you shortly.


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